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For thousands of years, the rich and powerful have been buried with weapons or treasures, and with great fanfare. Today, increasing numbers of Americans are planning their own funerals, personalizing and customizing them. They want to go out in style, in ways that are sometimes elaborate, sometimes non-traditional -- and sometimes -- even fun!

Lantern5Personalized End of Life Celebrations that Show Your Unique Character

To the spiritually inclined, death might be an exciting journey towards new frontiers. To others that are overcome with grief, a personalized, informal and warm end-of-life-celebration among loved ones might bring more comfort than the stiff traditional funeral in black. More and more of us earthlings have very distinct ideas on how we want to go to the Great Beyond – and many chose to arrange the details themselves – so their relatives won’t have to.


Cool funeral, guys!

Many baby boomers are forgetting about traditional, often stiff funerals and opt for elaborate, beautiful events to celebrate the passing of their loved ones rather with a bang than a sad whimper. While a funeral cannot change what has happened – the death of someone very precious to you – a funeral can and will make a significant difference in how you channel your grief toward healing. Creating a meaningful funeral serves not only to honor the person who has died, but it also honors the needs of those still living.

It is the ritual of the funeral ceremony and the many ways in which the funeral can be personalized that make funerals such a powerful and healing rite of passage. When words are inadequate, ceremony carries us through. The death of someone we love is such a time indeed.
When a loved one dies, we want to give them our full attention and go inwards. Making funeral arrangements and dealing with bureaucracy at the same time can be disturbing and overwhelming. Yet celebrating the life of a loved one in a way that captures his or her character can be instrumental to the grieving process.

That’s where we come in.

We can enhance the traditional funeral home experience and/or create an alternative funeral that is truly magical and memorable. Our experienced consultants can help with as much or as little of a funeral celebration as you need. More importantly, we’ll make sure that the event truly captures the essence of your loved one, so that his or her unique qualities and accomplishments are remembered for many years. And we make all arrangements so you won’t be burdened with organizational task during this difficult time.

FRIENDS works with you to create unique and extraordinary funeral celebrations.

Typically, FRIENDS offers the following services:

Accompanying a dying person (ideally at home) through the last days of their journey

Caring naturally for the body of the deceased at home or at a custom-decorated viewing location of your choice, so the closest people can say good-bye and slowly come to terms with the transition

Hosting a personalized good-bye celebration for the larger circle of family and friends.

Arranging for burial or cremation (if requested, in the presence of loved ones)

Each person is entitled to their very own way of facing death. We work with whatever your needs or wishes are. We would love to hear from you to discuss your personalized choices. 1.888.939.5959