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Embarking on the journey…

Usually, a person has a good sense that death might be just around the corner. There might be dreams of loved ones that have passed before us. There might be a strange feeling that it’s time."

By the time you or your loved one enters hospice, it is a good idea to reach out and find support in the process. This is the time to call on FRIENDS. We come to meet with you as early as you see fit, to mentally help you prepare for the great adventure of death. Without fear, awkwardness or shyness, we accompany you through the process, offering mental, spiritual and practical support. We are NOT a hospice service. We are a funeral home offering deep knowing and traditional wisdom about the phases of letting go. We discuss the arrangements you wish for your funeral, and document how you intend to be cared for and taken care of as your physical body leaves this world.

In accordance with your need for personal space, we can guide you and your family in learning the ancient art of conscious dying. As you go through this amazing process, you and your family will be engulfed in a strong feeling of love and gratitude that heals many wounds. This is a precious time of healing for families and friendships, of mutual forgiveness and of letting go.

We at FRIENDS encourage you to arrange for a person to die at home whenever possible. Far away from the sterile and cold environment of an ER, the dying and their family and friends can best experience this unique gift of love, light and depth a dying person brings into our hearts at home.

We can support you in how to make death the special and natural experience it was meant to be, at home, surrounded by loved ones. Once death has occurred, we help you create a sacred space. In a healing, respectful atmosphere, we care for the body and show you (if you so wish) how to wash it, anoint it and prepare a beautiful viewing bed using simple cooling techniques (rather than toxic embalming). This will allow you to keep the body at home for up to three days, so that the closest family and friends can truly come to terms with the death. These three days are vital for close family and friends to fully understand in their bodies and souls that their loved one has moved on. Three days are also the time - as many religions agree - the soul needs to fully understand and embrace the transition they just experienced.



We at FRIENDS encourage you to embrace the entire experience of death as an important part of life:

- Accompanying the dying person at home

- Caring for the body yourself - with the guidance of our experienced personnel

- Having a wake or funeral at home for your closest family and friends, followed by cremation or a burial (in combination with) 

- Hosting a personalized good-bye celebration for all friends and family to lovingly let the departed go.


Contact us now to discuss how we can help you support your loved one through their transition process – and to arrange for a meaningful, personalized good-bye celebration.