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End of life Party

If a person is consciously dying of a disease, they might find it meaningful to celebrate the end of their life with a party, inviting all their friends and families while they are still able to say good-bye.

This celebration can be held at a meaningful location that is relevant to the celebrants life, his/her hobbies and interest. 

As an example, we arranged an End of Life celebration in a hangar at a municipal airport in honour of a dying pilot. The event was staged in a hangar, and we catered a barbeque – a favorite of the deceased – outdoors on the tarmac for guests to enjoy. We also organized a bartender and cocktail waitresses dressed in a flight attendant’s uniform and arranged for the guest of honor and his family to arrive by helicopter. We also organized a fly-by of restored World War II aircraft as the finale for the Event.

Guests also had an opportunity to fly themselves. The result was a completely involving and interactive event that proved truly meaningful and memorable to everyone who took part and attended. The pilot enjoyed his end-of-life party tremendously and called it one of the best days of his life, having been able to revisit his family and friends in his favorite setting.