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Alternative Funeral Services and End of Life Celebrations

We come to you to make all arrangements. We help you through the transition with personalized ceremony that establishes continuity with your loved one and heals your pain.

We have facilities across greater Los Angeles – and we can even arrange viewings and memorial celebrations in your home. No other funeral home provides this service.

Whether traditional, religious, hip or stylish – we turn your last wish into reality!

I need to plan a funeral for a loved one

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  • They came up with an Amazing ritual…

    All her life, my daughter Claudia had had this obsession with horses. When she suddenly died, we knew horses had to be part of her memorial celebration. “Friends” came up with this amazing ritual involving horses and I really felt the horses present carried her powerful spirit – it was a profound and moving experience and I will always be grateful for the amazing event Ziri Rideaux put on for Claudia. I loved it!
    Hannelore K, (62), Germany
  • I could say goodbye

    “When my mom died, I was beside myself with grief. I just couldn’t believe she was gone. Taking care of her dead body was a very healing experience for me. “Friends” showed me that I could say good-bye to her body in my own time, with no rush – and that there was a wonderful continuity possible even after death! Mom and I started talking a few days after she passed and have been close in a totally new way ever since. I’m very grateful to “Friends” for helping me find a whole new attitude towards death.”
    Gertrude W. (55), Germany
  • Within four days

    “We contacted “Friends” just two days before Jack’s death. He had been a prominent man and there were hundreds of people to contact and elaborate arrangements for the funeral and reception, including catering, live music, even performances by the bands he produced. “Friends” put it all together within four days, and it was perfect! I highly recommend them!”
    Georgina B. (52), Southern California
  • Took care of everything

    “When our Paul died, we were too shell-shocked to make any arrangements. We just got a call from the coroner’s office; he was all cut up and in the morgue. He was only 27. “Friends” helped us tremendously in dealing with the shock. And they took care of everything. They even talked to Paul’s friends to get a better idea of the person he had been. At the funeral I felt he was smiling at me. Everything totally represented his spirit. People came up to us, thanking us for the thoughtful arrangements and ideas. It was as if he was present.”
    Rosario M. (49), Southern California
  • I'm ready!

    “I had a very clear idea of what my funeral was going to look like. I had this image in my mind ever since I was 15. When I contacted “Friends” I knew my last wish was going to come true. I feel I’m set up now, whenever death comes, I’m ready!”
    William C. (45), Southern California
  • Made it happen

    “Margie’s death was a long time in the making. She got to discuss every detail of the ritual she wanted with “Friends” two weeks before. She wasn’t very Christian but she wanted her own special kind of ritual. “Friends” were amazing in how they understood completely what she had in mind and made it happen. I’m so glad she got her wish. It still makes me smile that we said good-bye in this extra-ordinary way to her, just as she had always been a extraordinary person.
    Ben N. (56), Germany 
  • Just how he wanted it

    “It was a blessing to have Ziri from “Friends” with us during the last days of Kirk’s life, in the ICU. She helped making his death a calm, profound and life-altering experience for me, despite the hospital atmosphere. He had already talked to her about the funeral arrangements he wanted beforehand, and the event they created was amazing: it was a joyful celebration, colorful and exciting, just how he had wanted it.”
    Stephanie R. (58), Southern California
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